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Our team of global flavor scientists have logged countless hours in understanding how an extract behaves in an application. Sensient’s extraction experts and agronomists help our customers navigate through application challenges, delivering consistent products regardless of harvest conditions.

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Innovation can be seen through two different lenses; new processes & new applications. Sensient is continually perfecting processes that enhance flavor profiles giving consumers “true-to-fruit” experiences. Our in-house sensory scientists can identify and guide our customers toward their desired taste profiles.

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An onsite engagement at our Sensient Innovation Hub can facilitate creation and/or enhancement of your product in real time, thus speeding up your product development process.
Contact us to experience why our customers consider us an extension of their R&D and innovation team.

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Featured Profile Christina Hook, Flavor Chemist - Sweet & Beverage
What do you do at Sensient? I am a Flavor Chemist on the Sweet & Beverage team. My job is to make flavors and extracts that go into food and beverages, everything from ice cream to alcohol to health bars.
What does clean mean to you? The definition of clean is a moving target depending on who you ask. To me, “clean” is almost equivalent to minimalist. Clean flavors are natural, have ingredient lists that are as short as possible and strive to minimize things that consumers have negative perceptions about such as GMOs.
How do you deliver on clean promise? I deliver on a clean promise by selecting materials to use in flavors that are naturally derived and then utilizing those in natural flavors or extracts to meet consumer demands. The biggest challenge is building a library of naturally derived materials so they are readily available for use when requests come in.
What are tomorrow’s challenges you are looking to solve today? Tomorrow’s challenge is meeting the needs of more conscientious consumers. Shoppers are reading labels and looking for key words like natural, non-GMO and organic. Our challenge is anticipating those requirements and sourcing materials that will meet their needs. We also listen for materials that are becoming taboo and pre-emptively address removing and replacing those that will hold a bad connotation for our customer’s consumers.

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